Topsy 2 / Cozy Cole
Beatnik's Wish / Pasty Raye & The Beatniks
Nut Rocker / B.Bunble & The Stingers
The Savers / Perrey - Kingsley
Abracadabra / Jackpine Savage
Taboo / The Arther Lyman Group
Hong Kong Blues / Spanky & Our Gang
Baby Elephant Walk / Henry Mancini
How Lovely To Be A Woman / Shelly Fabares
The Muder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves
/ Kenneth Patcjen , With The Chamber Jazz Sextet
Night And Day / Esquivel And His Orchestra
I Dream Of Jeanie "Theme"
Main Title - "Blow Up" / Herbie Hancock
Kookies's Mad Pad / Edd Byrnes
Sunshine Superman / Mike Vikers
Hair ~ Aquarius / Hugo Montenegro
Canvas / Brian Bennett
Knowing When To Leave / Enoch Light
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring / The Four Freshmen
The End Of The World / Skeeter Davis
The Lonely Surfer / Jack Nitzshe